2016 Bow Valley Jamboree

Bow Valley Jamboree 2016 | Oxbow, Saskatchewan

MC: Trevor Gowen
Opening Ceremonies with Angel Sombrutzki-Blair 12.30 pm
Downwind 1.00 pm
Gypsy Soul Dancers and Friends 2.00 pm
Mika Dawn 2.15 pm
Katie Miller 2.45 pm
Tweeners* (local entertainment) 3.15 pm
Andino Suns 3.30 pm
Tweeners 4.30 pm
Samantha Pauchard 4.45 pm
Jeffery Straker 5.15 pm
Tweeners 6.30 pm
Tyler Gilbert 6.45 pm
Alex Runions 7.15 pm
Tweeners 8.15 pm
Brad Johner and the Johner Boys 8.30 pm
Ten Mile High 10.00 pm

* Local entertainers including: Kilted Wind, Gypsy Soul Belly Dancers and friends, Mathew Taylor, Carter Macfarlane and friends, Eryn and Ian Stewart, and a few more to be announced.