Downwind band

In the Spring of ’79 an eclectic group of Oxbow-area musicians gathered at the Mellom farm near Northgate and began a journey that’s lasted 40 years. The original line-up of Downwind played a handful of their favourite songs at local events and began building a repertoire of 60’s-70’s rock, soul, jazz and blues, with a sprinkling of reggae and country. They quickly gained a following of die-hard fans and a reputation for playing every song on the list, no matter how late the hour.

The band changed over the years as drummers, guitarists and horn players came and went and came back, again. At one time there were two guitarists (not so unusual), two keyboard players (a little unusual), and two drummers (unusual)! This behemoth, dubbed by the late Dana Lehman and original drummer, “Downwind – BFB”, had its share of confusion as, on more than one occasion, the players on the left and right sides of the stage launched with gusto into two completely different songs!

Those who have played in the BFB, besides Dana, include dynamic drummers Mike Gunderman, Hal Nielsen, and Corey Mazurek; stellar guitarists Jim Galloway, Anthony Bzdell and Brian Grundeen; smooth sax player and keyboardist Gerry Stewart; and numerous horn players and back-up singers.

Founding members Earl Mellom (piano), Ken Green (guitar), Terry Fraser (bass), Paul Twietmeyer (sax and percussion) and Dianne Twietmeyer (vocals) and their Downwind bandmates will, as they have in recent years, kick off the Bow Valley Jamboree with a guarantee of good times and good music.

Winsome Kind

The folk-pop affair is rife with vibrant harmonies… Joy is a classically trained vocalist and Perrie’s a self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter… those skill sets coalesce into a mutually assured confidence that serves them well…
Andrea Warner, CBC Music

Winsome Kind music duo

From the website:
Scott Perrie and Leora Joy met in 2012 while performing in a production of The Buddy Holly Story in Saskatchewan, and fell in love. They travelled across Canada on the Via Rail from coast to coast, performing in train stations, living rooms, and live music venues all the way. Upon returning home to Vancouver they recorded their self-titled debut album, which garnered critical acclaim from the CBC and media across Canada, They have had the honour of performing at such venues as the Harmony Arts Festival (North Vancouver), Music in the Park (Capilano), Voices of Hope Benefit Concert (Vancouver), and a beautiful cd release show with the Rogue Folk Society of Vancouver.

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Nae Plans

★★★★★… marvellously organic and intensely alive, terrifically accomplished and thrillingly unpredictable…
The Scotsman

Nae Plans musical duo

From the website:
‘Nae Plans‘ is the daredevil, off-the-cuff folk show featuring two Scottish folk musicians of the highest calibre… Taking their cue from the spontaneity of the traditional music session, two of Scotland’s finest musicians, Hamish Napier (piano, flute, whistle, vocals) and Adam Sutherland (fiddle), sit down on stage without knowing what they will play. The ‘Nae Plans’ philosophy leaves no room for rehearsals, set lists or even discussion about the performance until the pair come together on-stage… Hamish and Adam blend a mixture of self-penned music and song with the traditional, interwoven with engaging stories. Every performance is unique demonstrating the incredible talent of two of Scotland’s foremost musicians, from Hamish’s eloquent singing and soulful keyboards to Adam’s trademark melodic touch and gift for groove.

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Hook & Nail

Hook & Nail musical trio

From the website:
Hook & Nail is an eccentric folk/roots trio from Estevan, SK. Three long-time friends, Jeff D. Michel, Mike Davis and Lindsay Arnold use rich vocal harmony to tell the stories of the prairies, past and present. Their live performances combine the mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar to give their music the honesty of folk-music, the twang of country and the drive of pop/rock music. Deriving inspiration from the oil-rich, coal-mining area near Estevan, Hook & Nail’s songs delve into the personal accounts of historical events that have shaped life on the prairies today. The stories within the music are similar to those you might hear around the kitchen table after a meal shared with friends and family: a blend of confessions, childhood memories, local history and rural legends.

The band takes its name from an old farm house east of North Portal, SK. A family member rented the property for a short time, dubbing it the Hook & Nail Ranch. The century-old house received this moniker because everywhere you looked, there was either a hook or a nail in the wall, a prime example of practicality overruling aesthetic values until it becomes a style of its own.

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Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson plays guitar and sings.

From the website:
Chris Henderson’s blend of modern country sound, with strong traditional roots has quickly helped him become one of Canada’s busiest Country Recording Artists. Since his debut album released in 2008, the former high school teacher has been touring the prairies and Canada relentlessly, and has released 12 singles to national radio.

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The Snake Oil Salesmen

The Snake Oil Salesmen band

From the website:
The Snake Oil Salesmen grew up in the small towns and First Nations of Southern Saskatchewan, each band member coming from long lines of storytellers, musicians and healers… They’ve taken small town sensibilities, infused them with loss and pain, shaken the mixture over tears both joyous and desparate, boiled it furiously in an extract of love and lust, and then bottled it all. The result is a passionate, delicious blend of rockin, groovin, story-tellin’, and musicking that bites like a prairie rattler, goes down like a fine wine and tosses your inhibitions to the wind.

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The Tilted Kilts

The Tilted Kilts band

From the website:
The Tilted Kilts are a high energy, Scottish/Irish, and East Coast folk/rock group specializing in foot stompin’, beer drinkin’, sing along Celtic music! Their vocally based mix of traditional and contemporary folk/rock is perfect for any venue or occasion… ranging from pubs and bars to outdoor festivals to simple kitchen parties!

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SOURJACK rockn'roll band

They rock.

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